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Terms & Conditions


‘PCR’ = Penalty Charges Recovery Ltd. ‘PC’s=Penalty Charges. ‘PPI’=Payment Protection Insurance.  ‘PBA’=Packaged Bank Account. ‘The Company’=Bank/Lender/Defendants. Client(s)=The Account Holder(s).


Terms & Conditions

‘PCR’ is hereby authorised to act as the sole representative in the matter of recovery of ‘PC’s, ‘PBA’s & ‘PPI’ applied to the above account.   ‘PCR’ will advise their client(s) of all information required for pursuit of ‘PC’s, ‘PBA’s & ‘PPI’ applied to the above account & the Client(s) agree to furnish ‘PCR’ with such information. ‘PCR’ will calculate the amount to claim based on evidence provided to them & will endeavour to recover that amount plus statutory interest where possible using any method available to them. ‘PCR’ will submit all necessary correspondence to ‘The Company’ & negotiate for the best possible settlement.  The account holders agree to abstain from any pre-court negotiations/correspondence with ‘The Company’ unless authorised by ‘PCR’ & will inform ‘PCR’ of any communication from ‘The Company’ with relation to the claim(s). Should ‘PCR’ receive part or full payment from ‘The Company’ with regard to the claim it will deduct its fee of 20% of the amount recovered & send the balance to the account holder(s).  If the account holders receive part or full payment/credit from ‘The Company’ with regard to the claim they will inform ‘PCR’ immediately & will settle ‘PCR’s fees (20% of the amount recovered) within seven days. In the event that no recovery is made then no fee will be levied by ‘PCR’. Any previous attempts to recover ‘PC’s, ‘PBA’s & ‘PPI’ from ‘The Company’ will be superseded by this agreement & any money/credit received from the date of this agreement will be subject to ‘PCR’s commission of 20% of any amount recovered.  The Client(s) right to refuse or accept any offer is valid at all times and will be respected by PCR.


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