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What we do

We reclaim unfair financial penalties and miss-sold insurance policies from organisations and financial institutions on behalf of our clients.

Generally, a financial penalty is where an organisation/business charges you money for breaking their rules or terms/conditions. A private company should not charge you more than its actual provable costs/losses when something you have done (or failed to do) has cost them money (such as missing a loan repayment). There are exceptions (such as parking tickets issued under ‘The Road Traffic Act’) however the rules are often confusing so if in doubt give us a call for some free advice.

Loan Protection (PPI) is often sold with various financial products and has been mis-sold on a frightening scale.

The ‘Limitations Act’ allows us to issue claims going back as far as six years (and sometimes even further).

The following are some examples of reclaimable items. The list is far from exhaustive so if in doubt give us a call:

  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgages
  • Loans

How long will it take?

Convincing companies to refund a defective light bulb is sometimes difficult and frustrating, so you can imagine the fight we have on our hands when we’re asking for hundreds or thousands of pounds to be refunded.


The whole process varies from claim to claim, however an average claim would be around 12 weeks, though some cases do take considerably longer we also frequently enjoy some successful claims in just a few weeks!

What will it cost me?

We work completely on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis. That means that unless we secure you a refund/credit we will not charge you a penny.

Some companies in our ‘sector’ have their own ‘interpretation’ of ‘No Win – No Fee’, they may charge an up-front administration fee or hit you with an unexpected fee upon a successful claim. We do not!

Upon a successful claim, we will invoice you for 20% of whatever we recovered (including VAT). There are no administration fees or hidden charges that are often sprung upon a client like many of our competition. For example, if we reclaimed £1000.00 for you we would charge you £200.00 all in!

Should I claim?

It’s a personal choice to reclaim money. There are many questions to ponder, however we are not in the business of pushing people into a claim. We would simply like you to consider the following:

Do you think money has been taken from you unfairly in the past 6 years?Have you ever been charged an unreasonable administration fee?Has your money been taken from you in an ‘underhanded’ manner?How long would it take you to re-earn any of the above?If you took money from them, would they ask for it back?

Only you can decide to claim. We feel that consumers should take a stand against the financial bullies but as we say above – it’s a personal choice!

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